Cinnamon Lounge Menu


Cinnamon Lounge offers full flavoured, full-bodied dishes from the all parts of India. The northern regions are the historical home of maharajas - the traditionally rich and exotic royalty of India. The north of India provides a diverse mix of eastern customs, lifestyle, cuisine and traditions to give it a distinctively traditional character, while providing a contemporary style.


Cinnamon Lounge has captured a flavour of the north and south, with a menu that reflects its cosmopolitan character and is drawn from the very finest of India's exotic and varied cuisines. Here you fnd the sumptuous cuisine of the maharajas, a wholesome Punbaji fayre, earthy dishes of tandoor and the Goan and Malabar cuisines from south.


True to the philosophy of our chef, behind the great cooking - all the masala are freshly prepared on a daily basis. Food Served is Halal.


Good, Wholesome food and good health are closely linked.


Please browse different options on the left to find out what's in our menu. If any dish you like and is not available in our menu, please ask and our chef would endevour to make it for you.