Cinnamon Lounge - Reviews


"Together with the innovative menu, the contemporary decor creates a very relaxing environment and the two combine seamlessly to offer a most unique dining experience." - Fluid Eating


"Extra ordinary starters. Seperate area to have bites and onsite parking a bonus." - Richard


Reviews for Chef


"The Key to the Oberoi and Taj Hotel - trained chef-parton Shameem's dishes is authenticity and robust flavouring" - Humayun Hussain,  The Guardian (When at Pappadums, Brentford)


"Best Curry Award 2008 - Winner" - When at Pappadums, Brentford


"Best Curry Award 2007 - Runner up" - When at Pappadums, Brentford


"Pretty much flawless, well presented Indian food with lots of twists and pleasant surprises, at these prices what more do your want?"
- Foot Loose Maganize, 2003


"Sure to become every visitors true destination. The menu has some highly acclaimed dishes that are rarely seen on UK menus."
- Tandoori Magazine, 2003